"Promoting independence for individuals with autism."

Autism Insurance Reform Passes Oklahoma Senate

The Oklahoma State Senate passed HB 2962, autism insurance reform legislation, to prevent state regulated health insurers from continuing to exclude basic, evidence-based care for children diagnosed with autism.

The bill passed by a vote of 36-5. Last month, the measure passed the Oklahoma House with a vote of 76-20. Before being sent to the governor’s desk, HB2962 must pass one more House floor vote.

Without the reforms in the legislation, many Oklahomans will continue to face moving to other states to gain access to basic, evidence-based care for their family members with autism. If passed, Oklahoma would join 43 other states, including all states bordering Oklahoma, to pass legislation requiring coverage for individuals with autism.

The efforts have attracted significant local attention from local media, including a powerful Op-Ed in the Journal Record advocating for autism insurance reform and a special report by Tulsa's News on 6 which followed a family meeting with lawmakers and making their voices heard on HB 2962.