"Promoting independence for individuals with autism."

AOTS Community Partners

Awesome on the Spectrum is partnering with local community businesses to help raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you would like to help please Contact us or send a donation. Every little bit helps!

Contact us to receive your Albertsons Key tag. Awesome on the Spectrum will receive up to 5% of your eligible purchases as a cash contribution from your local Albertsons Market.

From Kroger community awards website

Kroger Community Rewards – Customer Instructions

Awesome on the Spectrum's NPO is 89472 for Kroger. Register your Kroger card to help AOTS!



A Digital Account is needed in order to participate in Kroger Community Rewards. Visit or download the Kroger mobile app to register or create a new acount. Please make sure that you add your card number or create a virtual card number while registering your Digital Account.

  • Sign into your Digital Account (if you haven’t already).
  • Select ‘My Account’.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Community Rewards’ section of your account page.
  • Select ‘Enroll Now’ or ‘Edit’.
  • Enter our NPO number 89472 (Awesome on the Spectrum)
  • Select the organization from the list and click on ‘Save’.

Your selected organization will now display in the Community Rewards section of your account page. Any transactions moving forward using the card number associated with your digital account will be applied to the program. It takes approximately 10 days for the Community Rewards total to begin displaying on your receipt.

You must present your Kroger Plus Card or provide your Alternate ID at the register during the transaction in order for it to count towards the program. Organization selections must be renewed once a year, during the month of August. Simply follow the instructions detailed in the ‘Selecting an Organization’ section in order to maintain or update your selected organization.